Spicy Dill, Pickle, JALAPENO DILL, Case of 6, Backyard Brine, hot pepper brine

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    Take our classic garlic dill pickle and kick it up a notch. Same crispy texture that snaps when you bit it! The tang of the pickle gives way to the moderate yet pungent heat of the jalapeno. You still get the briny, salty and garlic balance but with an added dimension of spice. It elevates the flavor without crushing your taste buds like some other chilies.

 Grilling yourself a Reuben? Substitute the sauerkraut with our spicy dill pickles. It’ll give it some zing and a layer of complexity your taste buds will appreciate.

 Our all-natural, hand packed artisanal pickles are gluten free. They’re also vegetarian and vegan, so go enjoy a healthy snack!

 We source our ingredients locally supporting small businesses and farmers.

 Suggested Brine uses for cooking and cocktails

 Grilled Reuben and Grilled Cheese

Chicken Marinade

mix up a Spicy Bloody Mary

 6 - 16 oz jars

Our 3 pack sampler of your choice is the best value with shipping!


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